May 01, 2012



seeds of terror
there are thousand hurting voices in my head
like a stroboscope that makes me mad
it feels like a chime, some kind of stabbing chant
mercenaries at their own command

every time I get up it all starts to shake
like an air hammer kissing me awake
it feels like a roar, some kind of nagging pain
troublemaker that can not restrain

don’t disturb me! don’t you dare!
why sowed the seeds of terror?
you will regret it! be aware!
don’t start a fight with me!

don’t torment me! don’t you dare!
why sowed the seeds of terror?
you will regret it! be aware!
you should know better!
drum roll
you may heard about that tale
where a man pied like a clown
pruned the place of all the rats
then caught all kids in town

but this time it’s different
i’m just black, no patch nor stripe
armed with my beloved drum
no need for any pipe

what you hear is my drum roll
your obedience - my goal
all what’s left is my drum roll
till you’re under my control
tamm-tamm! ramm-tamm-tamm!

see! my drumhead is well streched
and the sticks have proved itself
we have been through thick and thin
into your mind i delve

my beat‘s gonna kick your ass
and this torture will take long
listen! i’m coming for you
to teach you right from wrong
toy stories
the world is safe in childhood days
exploring toys has just begun
but grown-up men use different ways
for killing time or having fun

most lonely men are spoilt for choice
in paradise called adult store
they save their nights with rubber toys
abuse of power behind closed door

these stories reveal things of our kind
witness so much anguish of mind
these stories expose worst combination
of cruel thoughts and implementation
these stories point out the conversion
from innocence to sick perversion

but some can‘t differentiate
they even don’t know right from wrong
so recognizing much too late
hurting flesh and blood all night long

now you are such a pervert freak
a sick, abasing carnivore
torment the defenseless and weak
indulge in lust and harm the poor
defying god
you tried to make me a believer
made me think you‘re the retriever
but your advice is of no use
there’s no more power to abuse
time’s up for telling us what to do
here’s my confession: i’m hating you

give me one more reason
give me one more cause
do another mistake
and i’ll burn down your cross

you tried the human subjugation
that’s your sick way of revelation
you searched for little faithful lambs
to round them up in sacral camps
time’s up for your biblical battue
here’s my confession: i’m hating you

give me one more reason
give me one more cause
do another mistake
and i’ll burn down your cross

you tried to cramp your eyelids with blame
but don’t hold back the tears of shame
you are trying to close your eyes
it‘s time for you to realize
time’s up for strutting fame’s avenue
here’s my confession: i’m hating you
feel scared
rain is pouring, the street is wet
again you marched up to spread your net

you want us to fear you, you want them to flee
but you have to take care! be scared and fear me!

drummed contempt, now appeared as hate
vengeful rage you will appreciate
brute force born in extremist minds
trying to draw your terror lines

you want us to fear you, you want them to flee
but it’s still echoing: be scared and fear me!

discrimination at its worst
trying to quench your violence thirst
blind fanatics with wrath refilled
to victimize propagated guilt

you want us to fear you, you want them to flee
soon you will know it’s me: be scared and fear me!

what’s so funny? where is the sense?
i won’t give you a second chance!

look at my face! look in my eyes!
prick your ears: you will pay the price!
wenn auf der welt passiert nicht viel
ein herr gern spielt sein kleines spiel
und was dem herrn dran so gefiel
die macht der willkuer für ein ziel

heut ist der herr sehr aufgedreht
hat er doch bomben ausgespaeht
und weil das boese nichts gesteht
gleich die rettung der welt ansteht

waehrend die welt schlief, zog auf ein sturmtief
so stolz und aggressiv, ein echtes sturmtief

der herr ist sofort kampfbereit
für freundlichkeit ist keine zeit
doch vor irrtum ist er nicht gefeit
die medien tun die drecksarbeit

als sich die sonne verlief, zog auf ein sturmtief
so stolz und aggressiv, es ist sein sturmtief

die welt macht sich nun viel gedank’n
doch sollte sie sich nicht bedanken?
denn all’ die, die immer zanken
verwies der herr in ihre schranken
don't lose sight
dirty steel to pale and trembling throat
adorable flesh on the edge of life
when naked violence is marching up
fainting innocence meets bestial drive

vigor and health were high-proof poisoned
body’s still fending, but the mind‘s resigned
when collapsing under social pressure
dull self-defense left all grief behind

again there are questions but no explanation
again there are roads but no destination
open your eyes to reality’s shocking way
don’t lose sight of what happens day by day
open your eyes and don‘t lose sight

shaved for fear of their own bleak future
radical acts out of suggested hate
when suppressed anger leads to blind rage
gaining ground to another crusade

at prom night drinks will flow like water
drunken minors made their way home by car
when reckless invading the other lane
obituaries made them popular

again there are victims but no accusation
again there are guilty but no condemnation
open your eyes to reality’s shocking way
don’t lose sight of what happens day by day
open your eyes and don‘t lose sight
her eyes lose its brilliance in tears
the horizon starts to blur
a sea of black despair appears
pain drips in a rill of blood

evil rises, so lines will be trespassed
promised mercy stayed away
wine of innocence in a frail glass
just smashed by brute violence

what has become of you?
what rushed in your mind?
you’re so strange and diseased
and still so blind

god's sense of humor, he can’t restrain
branches broke, a dress torn up
feelings repressed by torturing pain
screams for help fall silent

i’m sick of your creatures
such scum of your kind
without mercy and scruples
hate’s unconfined

you’re toiling just for fun
hatch pain in your mind
watch your victims suffer
your daily grind
morbid charity
tears fall down on the bible
small hands are folded for lord’s prayer
father’s love knows no mercy
where are you goddamned betrayer?

scruples drown in morbid greed
practiced charity as the book told
it’s gonna be misconstrued
the transgression of moral threshold

why do you make bodies tremble
why do you make frail hearts cry
why do you make souls surrender
why do you make my rage fly

bible’s still wetted by tears
pictures are screaming for redemption
painted by small trembling hands
dear god is this your real intention?

you don’t care for these poor souls
you let evil thrive amongst them
that’s why the last thing you’ll hear
has to be my blasphemous anthem

without delay you’ll start to restrain
you can’t proceed your game of pain
otherwise ...

i will make your body tremble
i will make your sick heart cry
i will make your mind surrender
and will make your lost soul die
you’re petty puppets, you’re all the same
in a strange macabre game
you’re servants of an insane master
won’t prevent his planned disaster

it doesn’t matter keeping with his rules
or cornering him like fools
you will reach the expiration date
crucifixion is your fate

rusty nails will be driven to the core
such pain you've never felt before
while raising laments and whining screams
they’ll end up in oaken beams

you better abjure your obsequious life
or running blind into fate’s carving knife
cause for those continious prayers of you
this game’s up before it could be true
like blind bats in the sun
i’m running amok with my gun
until everything is done
i just try to have some fun

there’ll be no difference between foe or friend
in rage i’ve to show you the meaning of hate
it’s about punishment , so tortures will depend
only on the manner of my pure mental state

like blind bats in the sun
i’m running amok fully stunned
don’t know how this begun
now all you can do is run
gottes frucht geboren in diabolischer pracht
das kreuz scheint zerstoert durch des teufels macht
er propagiert seine predigt, der ich erliege
kerzen umgeben die entweihte wiege

man wird kein vaterunser hoeren, noch ein amen
wendet euch ab! vergesst ihre namen!
vom beten verkrampfte haende zeugen von der pein
niemand sollte der kirche werkzeug sein

den wegweisenden sinn hat die bibel verloren
ein neuer herr wurde auserkoren
der kirche bekehrung wird keine opfer finden
niemand wird mir die augen verbinden

auch demuetigste laemmer werden nicht verschont
sie werden geschroepft und mit der steuer belohnt
neu formiert werden wir schliesslich aufmaschieren
um unser’n papst zu kompromittieren

der sturm ist entfacht, das kreuz steht in flammen
wer von euch will uns jetzt noch verdammen?
dunkle massen beleben nun die nacht
vorbei ist’s mit eurer kirchen supermacht


bei sturmtief dreht sich alles um den hass. hass ist „die leidenschaftliche abneigung gegen das, was uns unlust bereitet hat. der hass, das gegenteil der liebe, verabscheut nicht nur einen menschen, sondern moechte ihm auch schaden. er entspringt oft dem eigennutz, dem neide, dem gekraenkten ehrgeiz, der eifersucht oder der verschmaehten liebe. insofern er dem gehassten wichtigkeit beilegt, unterscheidet er sich von der verachtung. dinge kann man im grunde nicht hassen, sondern nur abneigung gegen sie, abscheu vor ihnen empfinden; denn man vermag sie wohl zu zerstoeren, aber nicht ihnen zu schaden. auch der hass gegen das boese ist nur die abscheu vor demselben.“

(woerterbuch der philosophischen grundbegriffe von kirchner und michaels)

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